"I wanted to participate because I didn’t have the money to pay for the fees. My mother didn’t have the money, either. It’s just been me and her all of my life. She was stunned about the fees. She couldn’t believe they were so high. It started off with me planning to look for a job to earn the money and turned into something greater by me helping the community and other young people."

Marquis Ashe, 17, Phelps High School Senior, No Grad Fees Teams Coordinator

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Let's Make It Happen
"My mom is a single mother with three children. They told us in February we would need $400 for me to walk in the graduation. That’s not including the senior trip; that’s $450. If I didn’t have this campaign, I might have to eat less and ride my bike to school, instead of riding the train to try to save money to pay the fees.

Knowing one person can change things and that this could lead to a big movement is why I got involved. I feel good that I can go down in history as someone who brought change."

Deonta Fouch, 18, Phelps High School Senior, No Grad Fees Team Leader